Bishop Cider Co.

Bishop Cider Co. came into existence in 2014 after a 2.5 year fight with red tape. It was sticky. Our founders, Joel and Laura Malone, are not 18th generation cider makers and no, they didn’t grow up on an orchard. BCC is in the heart of the city of Dallas and it was started by city folk. Joel and Laura didn’t learn to make cider from old recipes passed down on snot-covered handkerchiefs. Instead they utilized the tools of the modern man- the Internet, a local homebrew shop, and apples from their favorite orchard aka Central Market.

Why did they decide to start the first cidery in the concrete jungle that is the DFW metroplex? They were fed up with mass-produced hard cider that lacked ingredients of quality and diversity. Which is why BCC’s first ciders utilized hops, jalapeño, spices, peaches, pecans, and other random stuff that accidentally fell in.


We make a lot of different ciders. A lot a lot. BUT- most of these never leave the cidery. We are super anal about the cider we allow you to drink. We put every cider through a rigorous one question test before allowing it to go in full production. “Is this a cider that we want to drink all day everyday?” If it doesn’t pass, it won’t be on tap or on shelves. Our goal is to make the most interesting, complex, flavorful ciders that leave you craving more… even immediately after brushing your teeth in the morning.


Since then, we have outgrown our first cidery in the Bishop Arts District, so we made it just a tasting room. It was a bit cramped. We needed stretchy pants, but accidentally got skinny jeans. In October of 2015, we opened a new production facility in the Design District to crank out more cider, but that facility isn’t currently open to the public. Consider it Area 52.



2777 Irving Blvd, Ste. 200

Dallas, TX 75207


Tasting Room

Mon: Closed

Tues - Thur: 5 PM - 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 12 PM - Midnight

With the addition of our new cidery, our tasting room is where you are able to try our latest concoctions. Five fermentation R&D tanks sit behind a sturdy wooden bar that spans the length of our tasting room. Just follow your nose to the sweet smells of the fermenting appley goodness.

509 N Bishop Ave, Ste. C

Dallas, TX 75208

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